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Rights granted by obtaining the diploma of Facilitator of Biodanza


  • Use the name “Biodanza - Rolando Toro System” and its logo, the trademark of which is registered worldwide

  • Exercise the profession of Biodanza Facilitator in any part of the world

  • Apply the Biodanza Methodology taught in schools and systematized according to the Biocentric Principle and the Theoretical Model of Biodanza

  • Create private Biodanza centers to carry out weekly sessions and Biodanza workshops / courses

  • Lead weekly Biodanza classes or workshops in public or private institutions

  • Advertise to feature weekly or other activities in newspapers, magazines or other media

  • The Certified Facilitator of Biodanza will benefit from a 50% reduction on the price of basic training courses in all schools, in order to facilitate his updating and his contact with the Biodanza movement.

Biodanza Facilitator


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