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Printed lunar calendar whose illustrations (collages) are produced by a collective of women. These works reveal oracles (message of the lunar month) received by Maira Martinez and integrated into the calendar.

Thank you to our collaborating artists who made the collages, a wonderful visual creation accomplished in a sacred space with the clear intention of answering the question:
“Divine Mother, you who are the beauty of the green earth, the moon among the stars and the mystery of the water, what do you reserve for us, all your children, for this moon that I agree to illustrate? "

Each lunar month illustrates the movement of the moon in each of the zodiac signs as well as the voids of the course. This allows us to be attentive to the influence of the moon in our daily lives.

This calendar is now available in French and English. This is a project initiated by CREEA (Circle of Research and Education in Applied Energetics), whose founder is Maira Martinez. It is edited by UNIS POUR PROSPÉRER, whose founder is Geneviève Sirois.

Each calendar includes:

Word from Maira Martinez, founder of the CREEA approach

Collages of our collaborating artists

The moon visits the zodiac signs
What is a course gap? And the phases of the moon
Word from Geneviève Sirois, founder of Unis pour Prospérer
Annual table of lunar cycles

Lunar calendar - 2021-2022- Year of the Ox (Ox)

C$33.00 Regular Price
C$25.00Sale Price
  • Postage (Canada) for a calendar: $0 (for a limited time)

    Postage for Europe: $23

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