Why come to school?

Whether it is to come and recharge your batteries, or to join the training, it is with joy that we will welcome you.

Facilitators, biodancers, free listeners and registered students, you are welcome.

The training is aimed at those who wish to undertake a deep process of exploring the theory and practice of Biodanza and deploying their potentialities * as well as those who wish to acquire the professional skills for become a Biodanza facilitator.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

* Why do the training if I don't want to be a facilitator?

  • To participate in a group that reflects, questions and exchanges, for three years, on Life and the living, on the human and the sacred.

  • To share, with deeply committed people, vivencias of great and beautiful intensity.

  • To have access to a process which goes beyond the vision of a facilitator and which is based on the program ** developed by Rolando Toro himself and which, over the years, has been enriched by the fruits collaboration between many experienced facilitators.

The first two years of the training cycle constitute a unique course combining personal growth, human development, reflections and learning on the phenomenon of living things and on Life. Thus, these two years prior to the methodology offers a privileged space of rare quality favoring transformation, the deployment of internal resources, new ways of being in the world, and so much more ...

Are you curious, curious?
Maybe it's time to come spend a weekend with us!