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Maira Martinez

Maira leads personal growth and human development workshops, lectures, and does training and private counseling.


She has been working in the field of alternative health approaches since 1987. Along with her training in acupuncture, herbal medicine, hypnosis, regression, sound energy and various neuromuscular techniques, she continues to learn ritualized approaches and a deep spiritual approach in connection with nature and ecstatic ways. She studied classical singing for ten years. During her 31 years of clinical practice, she has developed and teaches a counseling and coaching technique combining sound work, creativity, visualization, symbolic and archetypal hypnosis, energy work, rituals etc., the CREEA approach. She offers private consultations as well as workshops, rituals and a three-year training as a practitioner in the CREEA approach.


Maira is also a Didact Facilitator of Biodanza, a discipline bringing together her great passions: expression, creativity, personal development, music and dance. Maira leads weekly Biodanza groups in Montreal as well as thematic days and workshops in Quebec, the USA and Norway, France and Switzerland


It also offers the extensions or specialization of Biodanza: "The Minotaur Project", "The tree of desires", "Biodanza for children and adolescents", "The presentiment of the angel", "Biodanza, voice and percussions ”,“ Biodanza and Clay ”,“ The paths of ecstasy ”, Biodanza and Neo Chamanism”. “Le Parcours du Héros” and “Renaître en Biodanza” as well as a series for women “Parcours de Femmes”.


Maira is director and member of the pedagogical council of the School of Biodanza SRT Montreal and South West of Quebec where she teaches the theoretical and methodological bases of this discipline to future facilitators and ensures the follow-up and supervision of the interns of the school. .


Active within the Association Biodanza Canada since its very beginnings, Maira works with energy and passion for the development of Biodanza in Quebec and Canada and beyond its borders.

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