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October 4th, 5th and 6th ,2024

Module 21 of the Biodanza Facilitator Training Course


Offered by Gen’viève Grenier et André Bélanger, didacte facilitators

The MUSIC in Biodanza module is open to all biodancers.

When we are connected to our own pulse, everything becomes music. If we can flow seamlessly into each other's pulse, responding to each other's magnificent abundance, everything becomes music. When we walk in harmony with the stars, aren't we the colors of a rainbow? If we offer our lips to the rain, if we can swim in the wind, everything becomes music. The sound of a river, the cry of a child, the gallop of a horse on the path in the heat of summer, all become music.

Rolando Toro

Description for the workshop:

In this module, we'll explore what sound is, its genesis and effects. We'll discuss the evolution of music throughout history. We'll look at the concept of music and its components: rhythm, melody, harmony and timbre. We'll make the link between the notions of music and identity. We'll also explore the physiological, emotional and existential impacts of music on human beings. Finally, we'll try to understand why Rolando Toro considers music to be a factor that promotes harmony and a sense of belonging to the world and the cosmos.

We look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you.


Will you be joining us?

Cost :

  • Student of the formation: 295 $ +tx (339.18$)

  • Free Auditor: 325$ with a deposit of $100 (373.70$)

  • Takeover by titular or trainee facilitator: · 147.50 $+tx (169.59$)

  • By interact to

  • Question : Danse de la vie   Answer : Biodanza



  • Vivarté, centre de ressources et créativité, 1458 Chemin de la Vallée-Missisquoi, Sutton, J0E 2K0

Accommodation price:

  • Shared room with bed and bedding: 110 $ + tx (126,50$)

  • Dormitory in the church or camping with your bedding and mattress:  50$ +tx (57.50$)

  • Plus 5 meals : 105 $ +tx (120.75$))

  • Camping and meal package: 155$+tx (178.25 $)

  • Shared room with bedding and meals: 215 $ +tx (247.25$)

  • Access to location without meals or accommodation: $50 +tx ($57.50)

  • Access to location without meals and accommodation: $35 +tx ($40.25)

  • Overnight stay on Monday or Thursday evening: $55 +tx ($57.50) for dinner, overnight stay and breakfast.

  • Possibility of sleeping over on Monday or Thursday evenings: $55 +tx ($57.50) for dinner, overnight stay and breakfast.

For more information contact

Geneviève Sirois (Coeur-Ordinatrice of the school) 

514.995.0797 or 

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