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On January 6, 7 and 8, 2023

The second module of the Biodanza facilitator training


With the Biodanza School SRT Montreal and South West Quebec

"Like the water that gushes from a spring, vivencia arises with spontaneity and freshness. It has the quality of its origins. Vivencia is not subject to the control of consciousness: it can be evoked, but not directed by will."

                                                                                                                 Rolando Toro Araneda


Description for the workshop:

The third module of the training cycle is an invitation to explore the concept of VIVENCIA. This concept constitutes the central axis around which the whole methodology of Biodanza is built. 


According to Rolando "vivencias are doors through which we enter the pure space of being. Space in which time no longer exists and where we are ourselves, here now and for eternity."


The viventiel experience of life gives rise to a quality of presence at the heart of which doing and being are intimately linked in one reality and where the connection to life is whole.  Exploring this concept therefore connects us to the original knowledge, the innate wisdom of the living. It brings us back to ourselves, to the intense and moving experience of living, here and now.

Whether you come to be nurtured and replenish your energy, to celebrate this taking flight or to start training as a facilitator, we will be happy to welcome you. Facilitators, Biodancers, free auditors and registered students, you are welcome.


The training is intended both for those who wish to undertake a profound process of exploring the theory and practice of Biodanza and unfold their potential as well as for those who wish to acquire the professional skills to become a Biodanza Facilitator.


*Why do the training if I don't want to be a facilitator?


  • To participate in a group that reflects, questions and exchanges, over a period of three years, on Life and the living, on humanity and sacredness.

  • To share, with deeply committed people, profound vivencias of great and beautiful intensity.

  • To have access to a process that goes beyond the vision of a facilitator and is based on the program** developed by Rolando Toro himself and which, over the years, has been enriched by the fruits of the collaboration between many experienced facilitators.


The first two years of the training cycle constitute a unique journey combining personal growth, human development, reflection and learning on the phenomenon of Life and on the Living. Thus, these two years prior to the methodology offers a privileged space of rare quality conducive to transformation, deployment of inner resources, new ways of being in the world, and so much more...


Are you curious?

Maybe it's time to come and spend a weekend with us!


Click here to learn more about Biodanza Facilitator Training.


** The Biodanza School of Montreal and South west of Quebec is a member of the International Biocentric Federation (IBF) and offers a harmonized program, whose relevance has been proven, allowing access to world-class certification.

Cost :

  • Student of the formation: 295 $ + taxes

  • Free Auditor: 325 $+taxes. Deposit of 100$ to confirmed your registration

  • By interact to



  • Vivarté, centre de ressources et créativité, 1458 Chemin de la Vallée-Missisquoi, Sutton, J0E 2K0

Accommodation price:

  • Shared room with bed and bedding: $110 + tx ($126.50)

  • Dormitory in the church with your bedding and mattress: $50 +tx ($57.50)

  • Plus access to the place (which includes 5 meals): $105 +tx ($120.75)


For more information contact

Geneviève Sirois (Coeur-Ordinatrice of the school) 

514.995.0797 or 

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