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You want an experience RICH, INTENSE and DEEP...

December 1, 2 and 3 2023 

Starts Friday 7pm to Monday 6pm

Module 14  (stage 13) of

the Biodanza Facilitator Training Course


Offered by Anne-Marie RIel et Gen'viève Grenier, didacte facilitators.

"If the act of living is one of the subtle manifestations of the life-sustaining movement of a universe organized from life (biology) and in constant "actual creation", human creativity can be seen as an extension of these same bio-cosmic forces expressing themselves through each individual in a singular way."

"The creative act is always the expressive, visible effect of the act of living".

                                 Rolando Toro

Short description of this module

During this module we will explore the concept of creativity as an existential possibilitý and as the founding impulse of artistic expression and the fundamentally creative nature of our being in the world.

We'll gain a deeper understanding of the link between vivencia, creative expression and artistic expression and the 4 stages of creativitý development proposed by Rolando Toro.

This exploration will deepen our understanding of the relationship between creativity, the biocentric principle and the theoretical model, as well as our own relationship to the universe of creativity and the various artistic mediums.

The first two years of the training cycle constitute a unique journey that combines personal growth, human development, reflection and learning about the phenomenon of life and about Life. Thus, these two years prior to the methodology offer a privileged space of a rare quality favoring transformation, the deployment of inner resources, new ways of being in the world, and so much more...

We're looking forward sharing this wonderful experience with you.

Will you be joining us?

** The Biodanza School of Montreal and South west of Quebec is a member of the International Biocentric Federation (IBF) and offers a harmonized program, whose relevance has been proven, allowing access to world-class certification.

Cost :

  • Student of the formation: 295 $ +tx (339.18$)

  • Free Auditor: 325$ with a deposit of $100 (373.70$)

  • Takeover by titular or trainee facilitator: · 147.50 $+tx (169.59$)

  • By interact to

  • Question : Danse de la vie   Answer : Biodanza



  • Vivarté, centre de ressources et créativité, 1458 Chemin de la Vallée-Missisquoi, Sutton, J0E 2K0

Accommodation price:

  • Shared room with bed and bedding: 110 $ + tx (126,50$)

  • Dormitory in the church or camping with your bedding and mattress:  50$ +tx (57.50$)

  • Plus 5 meals : 105 $ +tx (120.75$))

  • Camping and meal package: 155$+tx (178.25 $)

  • Shared room with bedding and meals: 215 $ +tx (247.25$)

  • Possibility of sleeping over on Monday or Thursday evenings: $55 +tx ($57.50) for dinner, overnight stay and breakfast.


For more information contact

Geneviève Sirois (Coeur-Ordinatrice of the school) 

514.995.0797 or 

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