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Residential workshop facilitated by Maira Martinez,

Didactic teacher


The proposal is simple and audacious: re signify our existential journey to reclaim the deeply sacred, creative and wild nature of our own identity. After two years of pandemic, rules and destabilization, personally... collectively... where are we? Who are we?


Re-signifying allows us to re-generate, to re-establish the foundations of our identity. It allows us to free ourselves from the outdated story we tell ourselves about ourself and the world and to create a new vision of our own existential adventure as a manifestation of the organic unfolding of the splendor of life.

In this perspective, living becomes a sacred act. Each of our gestures becomes deeply rooted in the essence of nature, wild and eternal.


It is through the exploration and creation of myths and rituals that we will be led to contact the God/Goddess of creation who sleeps in the depths of our being. Guided meditation, dances, archetypal gestures, metaphorical movements will serve as a way to access the immemorial sapience (alliance of wisdom and science) of the Wild Divinity that we are by essence.

Strengthened by this experience of ourselves, we will be able to renew the founding myth of our existence and thus allow this God/Goddess of creation to dance freely at the heart of our daily life.


Date: May 13th, 14th, 15th 2022

Schedule: starting Friday May 12th 7:30pm until Sunday 5pm

Where: KIO-O, 1905 Chemin 6e Rang, Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides, QC J0T 2J0

Price: conscious contribution (any offer, as modest or grand, will be accepted)
Suggested donation: between 180,00$+ tx and 300,00$+ tx for the workshop depending on your possibilities
A deposit of $100.00 secures your registration

Lodging 2 nights and 5 meals: 238$+tx Shared room (49$+tx extra for a private room)

Informations/registration :  514-995-0797   ou

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