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  • The series of 28 modules at $ 295 + taxes each, for a total of $ 8,260 + taxes

  • Teaching material  (a booklet is given at each module)

  • Personalized pedagogical follow-up as well as the review of the integration narratives delivered by the student in the month following the course

  • The basic lists for the music (recommended by the International Biocentric Federation) necessary to the realization of the sessions and workshops of Biodanza®.

  • The basic exercise catalogs  (recommended by the International Biocentric Federation  ) necessary for the realization of the Biodanza® sessions and workshops

  • The accompaniment to the realization of the monograph of certification (when the student chooses to be supported by the didactic team of the school - 10 h max)

  • 2 deepening workshops (3 days) at $375 + taxes for a total of $750 + taxes

  • 2 theoretical seminars $600 + taxes

  • Cycle of mandatory supervisions starting in the 3rd year: a minimum of 8 supervisions at $225 + taxes for a total of $1800 + taxes

  • Registration fee (non-refundable): $200 + taxes

Total cost of training without accommodation *: $ 11,410 * + taxes

The School of Biodanza SRT- Montreal and South West Quebec is an educational institution recognized by Revenu Quebec and by Revenue Canada. As stipulated in paragraph a of article 752.0.18.10 of the tax law, it can issue receipts giving entitlement to a tax credit for tuition fees.


Biodanza Facilitator

Cost of training

Cost for free listeners

  • Free auditors per module without documentation: $ 325 + taxes

  • Deposit when registering a module as a free auditor $ 100

Payment methods

  • The file opening fees are payable upon registration.

  • Internships are payable the week preceding the said internship by interac transfer or upon arrival, cash or by check.

  • In case of absence during a weekend, the student must pay half the price of the course, i.e. $ 137.50 + taxes.


​ All of the training is offered in the form of residential courses at  Vivarté, centre de ressources et créativité, 1458 Chemin de la Vallée-Missisquoi, Sutton, J0E 2K0

Accommodation price:

  • Shared room with bed and bedding: $110 + tx ($126.50)

  • Dormitory in the church with your bedding and mattress: $50 +tx ($57.50)

  • Plus access to the place (which includes 5 meals): $105 +tx ($120.75)

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