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6 evenings of Biodanza on Zoom, Tuesdays, from May 11th to June15th

«To be reborn means to abandon the old states of frustration, deprivation and loneliness in order to be born to a new way of life. »

«Rebirth in Biodanza is important to strengthen Identity. In a way, we all have to be reborn constantly. One who is not reborn every day begins to die.»

«There is a direct connection between the seed and the fruit, between the genetic program and the organism, in the act of maturation. The secret of the renewal of life is in the coherence with the origin.

Without the ability to renew itself, no organism could survive. This process of renovation is only possible through acts of regression and progression, a kind of permanent resonance with the origin. »

Rolando Araneda Toro

The miracle of our being in the world; is the possibility we have to be reborn every day! Yes, to be reborn to ourselves in the unfolding of our own identity, in our capacity to develop new resources, to allow parts of ourselves left dormant to emerge from the depths. But also to be reborn to the world, to offer our blossoming, to renew the deep connection between us and the universe that surrounds us and gives us life, to activate the resonance with the eternal and cosmic origin.

This short series is therefore a unique opportunity, despite possible confinements and apparent separation, to say Yes.

Yes to oneself! Yes to the project that life had on the day of our conception! Yes to the world that surrounds us! Yes to the immense splendor of living!

An opportunity to renew and create paths of love and reconnection. Will you be part of the journey?

Looking forward to dancing these paths of transformation with you!

When: Tuesdays, from May 11th to the 17th from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm Suggested donation: $25/class or $130 for all 6 classes (any donation will be accepted)

Classes will be held in French and English as needed. You will receive the Zoom link when you register.

For info and registration: or private message on messenger

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