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The direction

The Schools of Biodanza - Rolando Toro System are run by people appointed by IBF (International Biocentric Foundation), an organization that governs the training of Biodanza facilitators around the world.


The Biodanza school in Montreal and Southwestern Quebec is a member of the Fédération Biocentrique Internationale (IBF) and offers a harmonized program, whose relevance has been proven, allowing access to international level certification.


The direction of the SRT School of Biodanza- Montreal and South-West of Quebec is provided by Maira Martinez . The management gives the broad outline of the training and appoints the pedagogical council


Maira Martinez


The teaching staff

Each School must host a minimum of five different teaching facilitators (trainers) per year, to present the training program.


These facilitators are invited by the school administration.

The pedagogical council is the team which, together with the director Maira Martinez:

  • organizes the training course and reflects the educational approach of the school based on the unified training program of the IBF

  • organizes and ensures the quality of the supervision and individual pedagogical follow-up of students in training.


The council works collegially and operates on a consensus basis. It constitutes a form of support as much for the students in training as for the school administration.

Educational advice

geneviève cut.jpg

Genevieve Sirois

Didact facilitator


Anne-Marie Riel

Didact facilitator


Genevieve Grenier

Didact facilitator


André Belanger

Didact facilitator

The coordinator

To find out all about the school, internships, program, registration or free auditor status, contact Geneviève Sirois at 514 995-0797 or

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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